Celebration of God’s Love
Goa Mission Congress

Pilar, February 6-8, 2009


(Free English version of the approved original in Konkani)

"The Love of Christ urges us" (2 Cor. 5:14) to proclaim the news of God’s Love. God created man and woman in His own likeness, with love. God continued to shower His love upon them even when they sinned; and finally sent His Son to the world as a missionary of love. He witnessed to it among men and women through his life, words and deeds, death and resurrection and in love he saved them.

He sent his Apostles to the ends of the world to carry on this task of salvation through love. Down the corridors of time, ever growing number of people shouldered this mission of spreading this news of love of Jesus. Five hundred years ago, St. Francis Xavier arrived in Goa with this news of love and we were graced with the life of Jesus.

Enthused with a desire to share the riches of the received faith, a good number of Goan missionaries, Bl. Joseph Vaz and Ven. Fr. Agnelo D’Souza being prominent among them, reached out to different places and environments.

The news of God’s love reached Nagar Haveli through missionaries from Goa. We rejoice immensely for the enthusiastic participation of the natives from that place in this three-day "Celebration of God’s Love."

As we proclaimed and listened to the experience of love witnessed in this Congress, our faith deepened and we were challenged by Jesus with renewed vigour to proclaim the love of God in our families, in our wards and to the world.

  1. It is in our families that initially we tasted, experienced the love God and grew up in it. Let us work to make our families ever more witnesses of the love of God so as to spread it in our neighbourhood and Small Christian Communities. In this context, let us be especially concerned for the thorough formation of the youth. In the same vein, let us try to prepare diligently apostles and servants of the love of God through our educational institutions beginning with the initial programme of K.G., and in a especial way through the Seminaries and Formation Houses of the Religious.
  2. Every faithful is called for a daily witnessing of Christ. When this witnessing cannot be done through words there is always the possibility of doing it in deeds of love and service. We need to do it at our workplace, especially in our educational and healthcare institutions and in the politico-financial-cultural-social field through an exemplary life witnessing to Christian values. We need to create such an atmosphere in our homes and Small Christian Communities. It is particularly imperative that we take people of other faiths into confidence in this task and foster reconciliation and peace amidst conflicts. Let these efforts contribute towards formation of more and more Small Human Communities.
  3. In two years time, we shall be celebrating the third centenary of death of Bl. Joseph Vaz. Without thinking of his own wellbeing, he went to the far off Sri Lanka to proclaim the love of God. Let this celebration be an occasion to pray for and collaborate generously and enthusiastically, first of all, in the mission of proclamation of this same love of God being carried out in the far off and poor regions of our own Archdiocese. Let us work hard, following the footsteps of Bl. Joseph Vaz, to carry the Christian message to the far off countries.

Let us witness to the love poured by God in our hearts: fired with the love of Jesus, let us spread the Love of God where we live and where it is needed the most.